JUNE 23 & 24




The Cube of Truth is a direct action street outreach and demonstration. We provide information for people in an attempt to break down unawareness and show the cruelty inherent in meat, dairy and egg production. We will also be offering the public the opportunity to experience life from a livestock animal’s perspective with virtual reality technology. All footage used shows the standard practices for animal-based food production in Germany.

Please bring a laptop or tablet if you have one. If you do not, please come along anyway; masks and signs will be provided on the day. Please wear black clothing if possible and a black hoodie is best. Please fully charge your laptop/tablet for the day.

Download VLC Player to your laptop or tablet.

Download the following clips to your laptop or tablet from the link below as there will be no internet connection on site:
International footage
German footage

The following activists have signed up to fight for animal rights the complete 24 non-stop:

Joshua Entis (USA)
Felix Stellmann (GER)
Ben Schu (GER)
Jens Vogt (GER)
Jayanth Murthy (IND)
Jennifer Weh (GER)
Carina vom Dorff (GER)
Ayca Aykurt (TUR)
Defne Aykurt (TUR)
Debbie Cowan (GBR)
Martin Begley (GBR)
Brad Simmons (GBR)
Laura (GER)
Melanie Gogarty (GBR)
Melanie Arnds (GER)
Jenny Boyd (GBR)
Noel Maxim Möbius (GER)
Laura Schmolz (GER)
Francois Carreau (NED)
Ilsa Marie Höhne (GER)
Ilona Glaunsinger (GER)
Maria Dimovaka (MKD)
Sandy Waldrop (GER)
Mariana Yaremchyshyna (UKR)
Manuel Erdling (GER)
Sirikit Treiling (GER)
Eden Murphy (GER)
Gary Domeniconi (SUI)
Desirée (GER)
Phoebe Vogel (GER)
James Ozden (GBR)
Nina Su (GER)
Frank Rohr (GER)
Adam Horwich (GER)
Marko Rajkovic (SUI)
Andrés Goens (ESA)
Charlyne (GER)
Lea Gockel (GER)
Madelin Simcock (GER)
Franziska Döring (GER)
Michaela Fritz (GER)
Marlen Schaefer (GER)
Simona Collins (GBR)
Volker Günderoth (GER)
Brenda Espada (POL)
Sophie Lemcke (GER)
Mrożonka (POL)
Mitch (AUS)
Sandro Eisenhauer (GER)
Jen Wilson (GER)
Laura Maria Heppeler (GER)
Mark Coombs (CAN)
Kayla Coombs (CAN)
Gereon Schmidt (GER)
Archie Dymoke (GBR)
Jamie Henderson (GBR)
Lokke Lycklama a Nijhelt (NED)
Dean Williamson (GBR)
Anastasia (POL)
Céline Graf (SUI)
Christine (NED)
Ryan Sabkhi (BEL)
Christian Erdtmann (GER)
Markus Kohlroß (GER)
Violette (BEL)
Eira Marie Wiese (DEN)
Vincent Aubry (FRA)
Vanessa Stojko (SLO)
Denis Stojko (SLO)
Severin Ostara (ITA)
Jonathan Loogman (NED)
Rutger de Looij (NED)
Govert Kreuk (NED)
Alizée Denis (FRA)
Anni Lankinen (FIN)
Victor Krinn (GER)
Thomas O’Boyle (IRL)
Ruud van den Bogerd (NED)
Phoebe Greenough Guerreiro (GBR)
Matthew Donovan (GBR)
Anja Wiltmann (GER)
Torben Schaper (GER)
Christina Leopold (IRL)
Tom O Sullivan (IRL)
Claudia Große (GER)
Carl Heuser (GER)
Michelle Mehnen (GER)
Niels Koops (NED)
James Hoot (USA)
Laura (ITA)
Patricia Jackisch (GER)
Michelle Kaminski (GER)
Melvin Prasse (GER)
Francisco Quezada (ESA)
Massin Riggs (ESP)
Keira Tansey (GBR)
Chris Hamann (GBR)
Reg Thomas (GBR)
Terri Pashley (GBR)
Morgane Sepot (FRA)
David Schmid (GER)
Keno (GER)
Beni Mangelsdorf (GER)
Natascha (NED)
Christopher G. (GER)
Axel Hamer (GBR)
Kerem Cetin (GER)
Thomas Allgaier (GER)
Ausrine Petrauskyte (GER)
Lawrence Bache (GBR)
Dawid Rakoczy (POL)
Daphné Beineix (BEL)
Svenja Lister (GER)
Nadja Ismail (GER)
Danny Vegelahn (GER)
Lena Baierlein (GER)
Wolfgang Steffens (FIN)
India Jana (GER)
Sara Bakane (GER)
Henri Wiesehügel (GER)
Joachim Jachczik (GER)
Ole Rolfsen (NOR)
Séimí Rowan (GBR)
Skye-Michael Jooste (AUT)
Helena (USA)
Carsten Pochert (GER)
Selina Trummer (AUT)
Maria Scourta (GRE)
Carla Kynast (GER)
Rahul Gupta (IND)
Ethel Denise (ITA)
Martin Skadal (NOR)
Marit Schmelcher (GER)
Marc Abels (NED)
Lili Kirchberger (GER)
Kevin Müller (GER)
Jennifer Payne (GBR)
Mathilde Løvgreen Nielsen (DEN)
Victoria Dullnig (AUT)
Patricia Eiler (GER)
Laura Kunz (GER)
Eva Reitsamer (AUT)
Ragnhild Engan (NOR)
Stella Mosgieler (AUT)
Charles Borgers (GER)
Vivien Breinbauer (AUT)
Marte Bjerke (NOR)
Mateo Lundstøl (NOR)
Asal Alamdari (AUS)
Ida Marie Halvorsen (NOR)
Julia Scheer (GER)
Raphaela Dohrmann (GER)
Thamishan Vallipuram (NED)
Ludmila Widmer (GER)
Sabrina Lesjak (AUT)
Anna-Julia Spiekermann (GER)
Sofie Aigner (AUT)
Lena Lützenkirchen (GER)
Sarah Neugebauer (GER)
Maja W (GER)
Jannina Nelin (FIN)
Julia Zimmer (NOR)
Jana Victoria (GER)
Antonia Becker (GER)
Jessica Gillé (GER)
Michael (GBR)
Chantal Bode (GER)
Joachim Grant (FRA)
Maria Vogel (GER)
Silje van der Meeren (NOR)
Melissa Rönnqvist (FIN)
Daniel (GER)
Whoopi de Duffeleer (BEL)
Alicja (POL)
Kay Kleij (NED)
Delfina Toso (ESP)
Lisa Wolff (GER)
Friederike von Raumer (GER)
Tatjana Stella Polaris (GER)
Fine Nachfolger (GER)
Nistru Eduard (ROU)
Hannah Schaffer (AUT)
Antonio (ESP)
Emanuel Adrian Lucaci (ROU)
Jeanett Ljostveit (NOR)
Lisa Schulz (GER)
Lucia Vicari (GER)
Eirik Skeide (NOR)
Hannah Hermann (GER)
Tobias Alexander Moen (NOR)
Adrian (ESP)
Carlos Galvez (ESP)
Patrick Full (GER)
Bianca Otilia Cazamir (ROU)
Nicolas Holopainen (USA)
Sarah Samira(GER)
Nuun (NED)
Christian Siebrecht (GER)
Dirk Hermann (GER)
Christoph Sehm (GER)
Robin Baumann (GER)
David Mertens (GER)
Cyril F. (FRA)
Selina (GER)
Neil (NED)


Following the 24-hour-long Cube of Truth we will march together from the demo site to Potsdamer Platz with our masks on. Signs to hold up and spread the message to bystanders while marching will be provided on the day. Upon arrival to Potsdamer Platz we will gather to hear a speech (speaker yet to be announced) which will finish off the event.





The location will be Alexanderplatz, Berlin.


Via public transport from Hauptbahnhof
Take the S-Bahn S5, S7, or S75 to Wartenberg, Ahrensfelde, Strausfeld. Get off at S- and U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz. You will reach the Demo site by leaving Alexanderplatz station north.

Via public transport from Ostbahnhof
Take the S-Bahn S7 or S75 to Westkreuz or Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. Get off at S- and U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz. You will reach the Demo site by leaving Alexanderplatz station north.

Via public transport from the Airport Tegel
Take the bus TXL, which departs every 5-10 minutes. Get off at S- and U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz. You will reach the Demo site by leaving Alexanderplatz station north.
Via Taxi: it will take 40 minutes and cost around 35-40€.

Via public transport from the Airport Schönefeld
Take the S9, which departs every 10-15 minutes. Get off at S- and U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz. You will reach the Demo site by leaving Alexanderplatz station north.

Via Taxi: it will take 40 minutes and cost around 40€.

Other public transport connections

U-Bahn: U2, U5, U8
S-Bahn: S5, S7, S8
Bus: TXL (Airport), 100, 200, 248, N5, N65, N8
Metro: M4, M5, M6, M48, N92

Via car
Finding a parking spot at Alexanderplatz or Berlin in general is extremly hard.
Try parking somewhere north of U-station Strausberger Platz (e.g. Lichtenberger Straße, Neue Weberstraße, Fürstenwalder Straße, Palisadenstraße), which is free.
Take the U5 from Strausberger Platz to get to Alexanderplatz.


The organization of such a large event does not only require a lot of time, dedication and passion, but also some money. We kindly appreciate your support through our gofundme-campaign.

If you are financially not able to donate then please SHARE this campaign to help us reach those who can.


Q: Isn’t there nothing to do during the night and morning hours?
A: The demo is a symbolic act to show solidarity for animals who have to suffer every day of their lives, 24 hrs a day. But it also reflects an act of hope, because there are activists all around the world who dedicate their lives towards the fight for animal rights, 24 hrs a day.

Q: Is it possible to charge my device (laptop or tablet) at the event site?
A: Yes, there will be a charging station available.

Q: What if I don’t have a laptop/tablet?
A: Of course , you can participate and we will be happy to have you joining us. There are a lot of tasks during the demo that don’t require a laptop and/or tablet.

Q: What if I cannot volunteer for a whole shift, but only for 2 hours?
A: No worries. Check the according box in the registration form to signal the time window and you are happy to join for as long you like.

Q: Is it possible to go to the bathroom somewhere?
A: There will be restaurants whose bathrooms you can use. It might cost a few cents, though.

Q: Are food and beverages provided?
A: Due to our limited budget, we can’t offer food or beverages. But there are restaurants with vegan options close by.

Q: What if it rains?
A: The demo will still take place. Those who we fight for have to endure much more than rain. We will show how serious we are about our intentions. In case of rain the laptops/tablets will either be protected by umbrellas and cover boxes or we will move to a roofed area close to the demonstration site.

Q: What about accommodations?
We created this group where you can find fellow activists to group together and find a cheap accommodation.

Q: Can I join if I have never attended a Cube of Truth or similar events before?
A: Of course, you’re very welcome to! There will be a briefing at the beginning of each 3-hour-shift to make sure everyone knows our procedure.

You still have questions remaining?